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I used to take everything personally, and literally. I apologized to everyone for things that I did not need to apologize for. I wanted to be sure everyone liked me at all times. I spent so much time re-reading things and trying to understand why people felt the way they did. I cried out of frustration, and confusion for situations, and I let mishaps and misunderstandings ruin my day or days in some cases. 

I have since learned:

  • How important boundaries are and how important it is to set them.
  • Not to own how others feel.
  • To be myself. This results in others 'liking me' or 'disliking me', either way --- that is theirs.

While practicing these three, when a situation arises, my thought process is different than it used to be. I do not take things personally. I do not own statements or others feelings that do not belong to me, even if they are directed to me. I do not apologize unless it is something I truly need to apologize for. And of course if someone doesn't like me, I know now, that that is okay. 

When I surround myself with friends and mentors that are supportive and encouraging, it makes all of this, that much easier. 

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