My mind wanders in one of two directions. One direction contains millions of ideas rushing through...with one idea stopping to hover momentarily. If I don't stop to write it down, the thought swooshes on, and the next thought has taken its place. 

The other direction is when I am fixated on one particular situation. Usually something that made me feel uneasy. I wonder why it happened, how could I have prevented it from happening... should I have said something else... etc., etc... the anxiety of the domino effect follows this direction. 

I share this because this morning I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuck, (some mornings I listen to: Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, or others) to help "pump me up" for the day ahead.

Gary spoke about intention. Basically how anything done with intention is always a great method for achieving the goals you set out to do. And the light bulb went off... "intention", what a great topic to share! 

"Intent matters most, love all of you ❤️ much love to everyone who's trying" -Gary Vaynerchuck from his Facebook post on 9/12/19

Of course I carried on getting ready, didn't write this topic down. Went about the morning routine, and when I finally landed at my desk, my mind was far removed from this topic. 

As I set my oversized mug of tea on the coaster at my desk, the mug rocked off the edge, and I quickly retrieved it without spilling a drop!

I paused to pick up the coaster...mind you, I have had these coasters for years---they used to be in my living room, and I had recently moved them to my office, I have always loved the art and colors used... the reason why I purchased them. 

I stopped and admired the art, and tried to remember what the message said, of course I did not have my glasses on...I quickly slid my glasses off the top of my head onto my nose and viewed the coaster. 

It reads: She's just a soul with colorful intention

This message is only on one of the 3 coasters. The one I decided to teeter my tea on.

My intentions are to provide support for the vision for both 8 Trees and Q. My day can get away from me. My tasks out of hand but amidst the chaos is always good intent. 


Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I purchased these coasters. I would love to cite the artist, the product, however, I am not able to locate it online. Please leave a comment below if you have knowledge of this art. 


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