Maintaining eyebrows, concealers and wrinkles oh my!

I started wearing makeup in 8th maybe 9th grade. I have dark eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. Originally my eyebrows were very thick; resembling caterpillars on my forehead. I had just come out of my tomboy phase, and decided that blue eyeliner and blue mascara was the way to go. I might have also worn lipgloss on occasion.

Did I mention it was the late 80’s?

It wasn’t even until one of my best friends pulled me aside to pluck my eyebrows, that I realized they should be maintained.

At some point in young adulthood I transitioned to black mascara and black eyeliner - this time, the eyeliner was on the top lid instead of under my eyes.

In the early 90’s — matte dark lipsticks were hot! They were my favorite and I wore lipstick daily. However, my son (a toddler at the time) was not a fan of the dark rouge on my lips.

Then came me “over-maintaining” my eyebrows— so thin! I cringe when I look through the photos surrounding my second pregnancy and my thin eyebrow phase.

I do not remember when I had to start using concealer - I want to say maybe my late 30’s, although it could have been earlier. It should have been earlier considering the dark circles under my eyes are hereditary and can appear worse with lack of sleep, or not feeling well.

Once I reached 40, my eyebrows stopped growing in where I needed them to. So I began filling them in.

Approaching my 45th birthday....looking at my reflection in the mirror.... I’ve noticed some of my skin is not as tight as it used to be ...there are some wrinkles in places that I didn’t have them before. I guess you could say I’ve become hypercritical of my face.

I’ve started using more products than ever. Moisturizers, eye lift, color corrector, concealer, pore corrector, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow (a new concept for me) and concealer around my still thin eyebrows. I’ve reintroduced the lip liner to go with a rouge for lipstick.

I suppose I don’t “need” any of it but my mindset of not needing a daily makeup routine was lost with my naturally bushy eyebrows.

Even though I’m still experimenting in my forties, I am learning what products to use for my skin. I love the under eye products. 

Some of my new favorite products are in the image attached.

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