Remember to take care of you!

I can remember the first time someone said to me, “that was a compliment….why don’t you accept it?” I was about 35 years old, and that question resonated with me. “When did I stop accepting compliments?”

If I had to guess, I stopped accepting them after many situations, incidents, traumatic experiences took over my psyche.

I did not realize I needed to give myself time to heal— I was always brushing everything under the rug, and jumping onto the next thing.

Each traumatic experience or important life event should receive proper care and handling. We should take the time to be patient with ourselves; process the feelings, fears, and properly categorize the events.

This is where balance comes into place. You can actually find a way to care for yourself while continuing to take care of your daily responsibilities. Some people will find their balance and self-care through meditation, religion, exercise, therapy, or other methods. I found my balance through therapy and reading, lots of reading.

The way I look at it, I would bend over backward to be sure I cared for my children through a traumatic event.

I will give myself the same care.

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