Jenn Smith

Hi, I am Jenn Smith, founder of Q.

I am a designer, writer, consultant and mama from the Los Angeles area, now calling the Atlanta area home. Early adulthood was a challenge for me. I struggled with depression, anxiety, failed marriages, trauma, raising 3 children as a single parent, illness and entrepreneurship all before the age of 40. Yes, you read that right, amidst the chaos, I started a business.  

I soon faced the realization that my depression, anxiety and emotional scars were not going to disappear on their own. In an effort to remove the challenges, I made a conscious decision to alter my way of thinking. With daily motivation and inspiration, reading and listening to anything positive I could get my hands on, I added therapy to the mix and became self-aware that happiness is a choice. 

However, my journey had lonely, fearful moments. There were times I wished I had a mentor or someone familiar with what I was going through.

So when I had the opportunity to work with a colleague —coaching her on her already established side business — I knew even if I was not able to provide her with all the answers she was looking for, I would be able to connect her with people or resources she needed. (That was the encouragement I had needed in my younger days). We worked together over 9 months, and today, her side business is now her full-time job. From this experience, we gained resources and connections from each other and developed a closer friendship. 

Working toward achieving work-life balance, and the opportunity to coach a colleague; together provided the evidence that many women share a common ground; feeling as if they are alone in their journey.  This was the inspiration for Q. —a space for women to share the stages of their journeys, encouraging each other and reminding each other we are not alone.